3 Things I Know

I’m a pretty young dude.

In fact, I’ve been called a “young whipper-snapper” recently.

I have, however, lived life 23 years.

It’s hard to live even that long without learning a few things along the way.

So, here are 3 things that I know.

I hope you already know them as well!

1. God’s grace is enough!
Seriously, that’s all it takes. Nothing more, nothing less. Just His grace, amazing love for His people, and our trust in that grace. I’ve spent portions of my life trying to earn this great grace, but have come to find that it’s impossible. In fact, all I’ve ever done is cheapen His grace by thinking that I can some home measure up, some how do enough.

2. Love compels action!
When I realize that someone loves me, I’m compelled to love them back. I’m convinced, that if we really ever get a glimpse of how much Christ loves us, we can’t do anything but love Him back. Sure, we’re not going to be perfect, but love is going to be an overriding motivation for our lives.

3. The greatest way to love God and love others is to help others know God!
It may sound simple, but we often miss it. We take the grace of God like it’s a gift to us that we can never give to others. God’s love compels our love toward Him and to others (Matthew 22:36-40). With our daily life and our love toward Christ, we should be helping others see Him.

So, I don’t consider myself that smart.
In fact, there’s probably a typo or badly structured sentence in this post.

But, I do know a few things.

These just may be enough!

What is something that you “know?”


  1. I know that a “young whipper-snapper” has some wisdom mojo going on here…good to hear from an “old guy” perspective. After 40 years of following Christ, I know this.

    His love is complete, it is fuller than we know and it is free.

    Father God loves me as His son…always

    The journey with Him is hard, life changing and wonderful.

    Thanks bro’


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