Blogs Are A Waste of Time?

Technology is a beautiful thing.

No other time in history has seen more opportunities to grow, learn, and share than the time we live in.

We have resources at our finger tips that people as few as 20 years ago could have never imagined.


I wonder, is it helping change us?
Are blogs and the web actually helping stretch us?


Is it just something else for us to do so that we feel better about really doing nothing at all?

Are we doing anything with it?

I write these blog posts with the best of intentions.

I hope to encourage, challenge, teach, and even learn along the way.

But, I can’t help but wonder if it’s doing any good.

Are we really using what we have?

Is this blog and others like it a tool for true life change like it is designed to be?

After all, it’s what we DO with what we have that really matters.

So, here’s my question for the day…
What’s one thing you’ve read online that has had a marginal impact on your life and faith?


  1. As a blogger, I can honestly say that my life has been impacted by my blog. It has altered my quiet time and the amount of time I spend studying the word.

    As a reader of the blog, I am constantly encountering articles that challenge me to rethink some aspect of my life/ministry and what I am doing.

    I know that is not a specific… Rather than one single post, it has been a collection of posts that have slowly altered my living.

    If one person is changed via your blog…it’s worth it. Some of the same questions posed here, could be asked of pastors, youth ministers, etc…

  2. One of the reasons I started my blog was, as Rusty mentioned, to keep in the Word. I regret to say that hasn’t happened, although healing is beginning.

    There have been several blog posts by various bloggers that have affected me. I recently read Michael Hyatt’s 10 tips on getting published, and basically had my dream (what I thought was a “calling”) of writing a book trashed. On the other hand, I’ve been encouraged by the Sarcastic Xtian (J. Scott Smith) blog, and by several items and tweets done by you, Jon.

    Blogging, to me, can be an outlet for folks who may have no other outlet. They can reach people in ways nobody could reach even a decade ago. Consider This: we Christian bloggers are taking the gospel to the ends of the earth without leaving our homes!

  3. Jonathan, these are great questions to ask ourselves! What is the motivation behind our musings across the web? Are we making an impact on lives that happen to read our ponderings?

    We may never know…for sure.

    Like Dusty I think a collection of thoughts, prayers and stories have influenced my faith for the better.

    Thanks for sharing yours!

  4. Hey Jonathan- I think you’re right we need to ask these questions. Things become sacred cows to people and if we do things with no vision, what’s the point? It’s like keeping that women’s ministry alive at a church where no one cares, but YOU HAVE TO HAVE A WOMEN’S MINISTRY. :)

    I’m a blogger too and though I want people to be inspired, encouraged, and challenged by what I write as I try to relate where I am and what God is doing in my life, I know that more than anything, it’s changing me. The conversations I get to have are incredible and eye-opening. The people I’ve met and gotten to know are beyond amazing and such a blessing.

    I think lots of good things can turn into wastes of time, but it all matters where the focus is. Thanks for asking the questions- great post.

  5. Kim

    I know blogging has changed me. I started mine as a way to process all the things going on in my head. I have learned more and applied more to my daily life than I ever have before.

    A particular post is tough, but there are a few people that have really impacted my life. One I even consider a sort of Christian mentor of sorts. I lack that relationship in real life, so have really benefited from the experience.

    It’s all about planting seeds. And balance. You shouldn’t blog to the exclusion of being involved in real life, but I know it’s made a difference for me.

    So thank you for touching my life, it has made a big difference to me!

    1. Thanks Kim. I don’t think it’s a bad way to process things for the writer either. I know it helps me process thoughts and communicate better. Great stuff in your comment. Thanks for sharing!

  6. No amount of information does any good until the reader decides the pain of staying the same is greater than the pain of change. But as a blogger, I never know when my readers will reach that point. So I keep on blogging. One day, when the desire to truly change kicks in, the resource will be there. IMHO


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