Put Up or Shut Up

Here’s a question that I’ve been asking myself lately…

What does it mean to follow Christ?

Now, I know that there are some typical answers to this question,
but they’ve really become more “church talk” than an actual lifestyle.

Here are a few practical examples of what following Christ look like when put into action…

  • Loving people that seem to not deserve and love.
  • Reaching out to help even when it seems to be really inconvenient.
  • Making Jesus a part of every part of our lives.
  • Not being afraid to step out on faith.
  • Really believing and LIVING as if nothing else matters.
  • Keeping eternity at the forefront of our minds.
  • Believing and LIVING like there is a literal hell.
  • Giving it all in determination to show others that they are important.

Luke 9:23 “Then he said to them all: “If anyone would come after me, he must deny himself and take up his cross daily and follow me.”‘

Your thoughts…

What’s it mean to be a Christ follower?


  1. Primarily, to submit my life completely to the rule of God and the leading of the Holy Spirit until I am formed into the likeness of Jesus.

    Secondarily, doing all of the things that bring glory to God and allow me and those around me to see his glory and enjoy him.

    Those two, to me, lead to all of the practical things that make up a holy life, fashioned through repentance and forgiveness:

    * Helping the poor and the oppressed
    * Prayer, meditation, and study
    * Corporate worship
    * Turning my back on sin
    * Renewing my mind with the perspective of eternity

    And all the stuff you mentioned.

  2. Ouch! Can’t disagree with any of it, though nobody should feel condemned if they don’t match up (since these ar fruit, not any sort of “works” that save us).

    Pardon me while I pray that my toes you stepped on heal. :)

  3. Benjamin

    I agree with each point, but if you are a part of a growing body of believers then these will be a part of your life. If we are obedient to His call and vision and passionate about our relationship with the Father then we will truly be a beacon of hope to those around us.

    1. You bring up a very important point, Benjamin. All of this is fruit of dedication to Christ. None of it saves you, and I would even add that you cannot judge someone else’s salvation based on whether that person is doing all of these or not. (After all, a newly-planted tree doesn’t bear fruit immediately, and even a well-established tree has seasons of the year, and whole years, where it will bear no fruit.)

      1. Kim

        (After all, a newly-planted tree doesn’t bear fruit immediately, and even a well-established tree has seasons of the year, and whole years, where it will bear no fruit.)

        Wow! Beautifully stated! I needed to read that, I am a sappling in my faith and sometimes beat myself up for not bearing huge amounts of fruit immediately. Thank you for the reminder that I need to give myself time to grow in Christ before I will produce abundantly.

  4. This is a great post, Jonathan. I love the topic & to be able to discuss it in real terms (not christianese) is freeing.

    I came across a saying by Mother Teresa a few months back. I even did a post about it on my blog. Here’s the quote, “The dying, the crippled, the mentally ill, the unwanted, the unloved — they are Jesus in disguise… Through the poor people I have an opportunity to be 24 hours a day with Jesus.”

    Isn’t that powerful? To me, this DEFINES what it means to follow Christ. Seeing the world as Jesus in Disguise. We are not Jesus to them. They are Jesus to us, as we serve them, we are serving Jesus. What joy there is in that!

    Yet, what sacrifice as well. Following Jesus is not a self-serving religion, but a relationship of giving & loving those who are terribly disguised as Him.

    Again thanks for this post! I love it!

  5. Trust.

    Easy to say. Incredibly difficult to do.

    We often can say we trust Jesus with our mouths, We can even believe it intellectually. Where the rubber meets the road is whether deep inside our souls we actually trust that He will meet all our needs (not wants) and that He has a great and perfect plan for our lives.

    I have lived this for the past two years. It has taken me 2 years to completely trust.


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