Over-Complicating Simplicity

It seems to be a trend in today’s culture…

To over-complicate everything.

Some things aren’t supposed to be complicated…

Like: government policies, law, math, and insurance. :-)

I think we often over-complicate Christianity.

We focus on theological terms and denominational stances.
We focus on systems and programs.
We focus on things beyond our control.

While I never fault anyone for wanting to understand their faith,
I do wonder if sometimes, our tendency to analyze prohibits our ability to trust.

Jesus is about relationship.
It really is that simple.

His love for you.
His love for me.
Our love for Him.
His free gift of grace.
Our willingness to live in that grace.

That’s really about it…

Your opinion: Do we often over-complicate it?


  1. We do over complicate things. Not too long ago I wrote a post called Rubix Cube Christianity. I think you are exactly right, it is rather simple. He loves us and we should submit out lives to Him. In the midst of that statement we make it difficult. Good thoughts man.

  2. Had dinner with my wife and her parents on Friday and talked about this very thing. My mother-in-law has a co-worker that wants to challenge “Christians” and their faith by debating the Bible. My response: “You don’t have to be a scholar to follow Jesus. Tell your co-worker that the next time he challenges your faith.”

    Your post is spot on. Thanks!

  3. Darrell Childress

    One more thing that shouldn’t be complicated: phone bills!
    With faith, we need to allow God to move past our minds and get into our hearts and our spirits. It’s about love (as you said) and forgiveness – they’re related.

  4. I totally agree. We do overcomplicate it. Great post and very thought provoking. If more people could take a step back and just love each other and do right by each other like Jesus taught we wouldn’t have so much strife and negativity attached.

  5. I agree. Over-complicating and over-simplifying are, to varying degrees, defense-mechanisms. If we over-complicate, we can avoid actually doing the things we are studying. If we over-simplify, we can more easily dismiss.

    My wife and I have been on a journey of simplifying our lives these last few years, and the results have been tangible. We have stopped trying to do everything and have in the process noticed people and situations God has laid before us. By helping these people in even the simplest way, and then leaving it up to God again if need be, we have touched lives like we weren’t able to before when we were trying so hard to do everything.

  6. I agree wholeheartedly. We over complicate the Good News to the extend that it is impossible to live that kind of life and even harder to share that news in an everyday setting.

  7. Yes we do over complicate this relationship. I think the key word in your post is willingness. It all comes down to willingness to trust Him. When our hearts are willingness (even just a mustard seed) God comes in and does the rest! I am still amazed at His ability to do this!!


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