We Can’t Do That

One of the things I find difficult…

One of the things that seems to be difficult for others…

Admitting when we’re wrong.

It’s not the cool thing to do.

We all make mistakes.
I’m pretty sure we all realize that we do make mistakes.
It’s hard to admit when we do.

It’s hard for us to tell someone else we were wrong.
It’s hard to admit that our once perfect opinion has been proved false.
It’s hard to tell our spouse that the thing we were sure of was nothing but part of our imagination.

The bad part about it…

When we fail to admit that we’re wrong,
We fail to correct our mistakes.

So instead of making a false assumption or making a mistake, admitting it, and moving on,
We often continue to make the mistake over and over again.

We live in denial of our imperfections.

We have to change this.

For our relationships.
For our growth.
For our spiritual health.

Don’t be afraid to have an opinion.
Don’t be afraid to act in boldness.


Don’t be afraid to admit when you’re wrong.

After all, admittance is the first step to recovery.


  1. So true. Too many look at this (admitting you’re wrong) as a weakness when the truth is, it is the ultimate indication of strength. This has been on my mind lately, and even though you beat me to the punch, I will still finish my post. Well said.


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