Dog Gone Lessons

As a little introduction to this post…

Most people would probably learn a lesson like this from their children but,
Melissa and I don’t have kids (yet),
but we do have dogs.


Now, on to the story…

A few days ago, I let one of our dogs out to give him some fresh water.

About the time I was going to put him up, he took off across the street.

He kept running as I was calling him.
So I did what any good dog owner does in the country…
I got in my vehicle and drove through the field in front of our house calling his name.

After riding through the field, down the street in front of our house, and turning around,
I saw him off in the distance.

When I called his name, he started running to me.
He even jumped in my arms.

I wasn’t mad at him,
I was glad I found him.

(So was Melissa, she’s pretty attached to ole Bernard)

Why do I tell this story?

Because it’s my blog and I wanted to.

Just kidding.

I tell this because God does the same with His children.

Once you leave Him, he wants you to come back.

He’s waiting with open arms.

If you’ve ran out on God,
Come back.

Follow the sound of His voice calling your name.

He’s not going to be mad.
He’s gonna just be happy that you came back.

Quit running.
You don’t have to do life on your own.
You’re not too messed up to go back.


Here’s a quick video to a song that sums all of this up pretty well.
In fact, I like this song so much, it was played at our wedding.


  1. I have a kid. (obviously because I write about him so much) I don’t have a dog. (I tell people that I am gonna get a dog when they ask if we want more kids)

    Now to the point: Great post. I love that fact that He accepts us with open arms when we return. Can’t help but think of the dad when the prodigal son returns.

    Good stuff Jonathan.

  2. You and Michael must be reading from the same book and listening to the same music this morning!

    God is definitely concerned for us and yearns for us to be in His presence. He pursues us even when we run through the pig sties of life.

  3. Kim

    Love this!!!!

    God’s all consuming love is so hard for me to grasp some days. He will never stop chasing after us, the question is will we ever hear him calling our name and run to Him.

    1. That really is the question. I think the Church has to be some of that voice. To reflect His character and show the world how much He really cares and loves everyone…no matter their condition. I think we often drop the ball on that. Thanks for reading and commenting, Kim!


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