I Don’t Wanna Be Happy

Joy says, “I’m loved.”
Happiness says, “I’m liked.”

Joy says, “I have all I need.”
Happiness says, “Keep giving.”

Joy says, “I’m not situational.”
Happiness says, “I can be persuaded.”

Joy says, “I’m fulfilled.”
Happiness says, “Give me more.”

Joy says, “I can’t earn it.”
Happiness says, “Try.”

Joy says, “I’m forgiven.”
Happiness says, “I’m trying.”

Joy says, “I’m eternal.”
Happiness says, “I’m temporal.”

Joy in the Lord greatly exceeds happiness in anything else…


      1. I’m sorry, it’s a chapter in Craig Groeschel’s new book, A Christian Atheist. Loved the book. Hope to have a review written later this week.

        Definitely worth reading.

  1. Thanks, Jonathan for putting concisely into words things God has put on my heart. We are publishing this in our e-newsletter (thanks again for permission) and I put it up on my facebook page (I know many people that need this timely reminder about joy).


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