1. This is hard because it depends on who it is doing it.

    My Son – he makes the noise Jim Carrey does in Dumb and Dumber – I scream.

    My daughter – she has this teen attitude thing with rolling her eyes – lose my mind.

    Others – rude to people – drives me crazy.

    Just a little bit of what drives me crazy.

  2. Two:

    1) Somebody hands me something in a meeting and then proceeds to read it to me. – Thank you, I know how to read.

    2) People who don’t read and start asking a thousand questions which would clearly be answered if they just read what had been given them. (Probably why people do #1)

  3. I cannot tolerate disrespect… directed either at me or at anyone else… when I see disrespect happening, it makes me wanna do things out of anger. Interestingly, just a few days ago, in a room full of people, I hollered loudly at 4 guys in their early 20’s for cussing and swearing in front of my best friend’s 2 kids that are 10 and 7 years old… and I scared everyone in the room. I otherwise would’ve NEVER shouted in a room full of people, EVER. But they disrespected my best friend’s kids, and I won’t stand for that.

    And on a lesser note… bad table manners grate on my nerves in the worst way, especially talking with food in your mouth, or chewing with your mouth open. That’s the 2nd fastest way to get me annoyed to an extreme. X-)

  4. MB

    I have a ton of them.

    People using the bible to condone bad actions

    People who are overly concerned with their figure (someone actually told me once they didn’t want kids because it would ruin their figure. Barf)

    I’m a triplet but everyone thinks I’m a twin…so anytime people group me as the same as my sister, that’s annoying.

    disrespectful kids

    disrespectful adults

    People who use swear words as adjectives

    cheap people…like someone who gave me $10 as a birthday gift. Seriously, don’t hurt yourself.

    I could go on. But I won’t. LOL

  5. Jeannette

    My pet peeve:

    1.People talking on the cell phone while driving. (Dangerous!)
    2.People talking on the cell phone while a cashier is trying to check them out. A friend told me that one day she was checking out someone who was talking on the cell phone. When the cashier was finished scanning the merchandise she asked the customer “Will that be everything?” The customer said, “Do you mind I am on the cell phone !” (Rude!)
    3. Cashiers who do not acknowledge you at all during the whole transaction. ( Also customers who will not respond to you when you ask a question. They just stare at you.) (Very rude!)

    1. Jeannette

      I am not upset or angry with the person(s). I just do not like the action(s). Yes, it is a challenge to walk in love because of our flesh. That is why it is important to spend time with the Lord and in the word.

      1. I think we understand that, Jeanette. There’s certainly a difference between people getting on our nerves and disliking or hating them. Your comment wasn’t read as mean or condemning. Thanks for commenting. :)

  6. Rob

    If I have any pet peeves, I try to kill them since:
    A.) Thinking I deserve to be treated a certain way is untrue and prideful and therefore sin.
    B.) Being angry at someone for sinning is hypocritical and is therefore sin. After/while the killing is happening I try to treat the offender with love and honesty (note the combination), even if they don’t deserve it. I think That’s what Jesus would do. :)


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