Word: 4 Filters to Use Before You Speak


We used to say, “Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me.”
That was a lie.
That was before we ever really got old enough to realize the impact of words.

The truth is – words hurt.
They have a way of cutting through the flesh and hurting our heart.

They can cause damage way beyond any flesh wound.

But we often just toss them around.
We throw them out without really ever stopping to think about who they may land on…
Who they may damage.

Reputations have been destroyed by them.
Livelihoods have been affected by them.
Families have been torn apart by them.

Take what you say seriously.

Here are some filters for your thoughts, before they become ammunition for your mouth…

1. Is what I’m about to say going to tear down, or build up?
2. Is this something that I should only tell to the person with whom I have a problem? (read a post on this here)
3. Is what I’m about to say something I’ve heard to be true, or something I know to be true?
4. If this were about me, would I want someone saying this without my being around?


They can be used as a great blessing, or a great weapon.
The choice is with the one that speaks them.

James 3:5 “Likewise the tongue is a small part of the body, but it makes great boasts. Consider what a great forest is set on fire by a small spark.”


  1. I remember some pretty hurting words said to me as a kid by my classmates. I pray that they will read this and share it with their kids so that their kids don’t perpetuate the cycle of hurt. I had to deal with the same thing with my son and it brought back all sorts of bad feelings for me. Thank God that recovery from those words comes. Great post, Jonathan!

    1. Thanks Sandy. Yeah, kids don’t watch their words because parents don’t watch theirs. I’m tired of seeing false accusations and false gossip cost people so much. Thanks for reading, commenting, and passing along!

  2. Rob

    Words are like electricity. Very helpful to light the world, but without direction and control can cause a lot of unexpected collateral damage.

      1. Rob

        Heheh, it is pretty good isn’t it? lol, must have been devinely inspired cuz I know I’m not smart enough to come up with that :)

  3. Glyndi

    Great post Jon,yes, words and insults can hurt and I certainly had some thrown at me during my growing up years, like most people,but I learned that the people who do things like that to hurt others are usually trying to beat you down,humilate,belittle and reduce you down to their size because of their own hurts,heartaches or the insecurities in their life. As I said,when you know & understand the life of Jesus,what he has done for you and walk in his love, the “sting of the sticks and stones hurtful words” don’t stay around for long.I pray for those kinds of people,they need to come to know Jesus. My practice now,is to think before I speak anything,if what I am going to say would hurt me,then it would hurt the other person also,so I do not speak it to them.I find other words to use which are truth but sweetened with kindness and love. Ok, that’s it, will try to post this, I hope it does it’s thing :)


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