World in Hand

The deepest need that you and I have in weakness and adversity is not quick relief, but the well-grounded confidence that what is happening to us is part of the greatest purpose of God in the universe – the glorification of the grace and power of his Son – the grace and power that bore Him to the cross and kept him there until the work of love was done. – John Piper

I don’t know how you’re suffering today.
I don’t know if you’re suffering today.


Perhaps either way, you need to know…

The God of the universe.
The God that created everything we see.
The God that still holds the world in His hands.
The God that watched His Son be nailed to a cross.
The God that had the power to resurrect from the dead.
The God that heals the sick and clothes the poor.

Your situation is in THAT God’s hands.
It’s a part of His grand plan.
Rest in that.


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