The Hidden Gem in the Blogosphere

A couple of days ago, I confessed on twitter that one of my favorite blogs to read is Ann Jackson’s “Flowerdust.”

Now, I know that blogs are a dime a dozen, everyone it seems, has one or has had one in the past.
Aside from the few really big ones we all hear about, the other good ones can be hidden in the corner of the blogosphere.

So, I thought I would give you a chance to share…
What’s your favorite blog?
Where can we find your blog?

Leave the name and URL in the comments.
I look forward to having some new blogs to put in my Google Reader!


BTW: If this is one of your favorites (or if you just feel sorry for me) you can subscribe to this blog here. :)


  1. As a dutiful parishioner, I always read my pastor’s blog,


    Actually, I tend to ignore Thursday’s posts because they are all about triathlons or his triathlon training, and usually his Monday morning posts are the most interesting and thought-provoking because they tend to be derived from his Sunday message.

  2. My blog… I tried to post a link to my blog 3x already, and it just won’t post, so just click on my name, “steel_ag” up there, and it’s a link to my blog. :-) Will everyone read and comment? :-) I wanna know if what I’m writing is helpful to anyone else. :-)

  3. Amart62

    Hey Jonathan:

    I read quite a few blogs these days (including yours, which is one of my favs, btw, love the new layout). but here are a couple I particulary enjoy and gleen from: (@rachelrowell) (@pwilson) (@perrynoble) (@artiedavis) (@Ex37) (@minervity)

    Ooops, that’s more than a few – but there are tons more! Thanks for doing what you do, brother. :)


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