3 Words Every Leader Needs to Say

“You are appreciated.”

Sometimes leaders fail at making people feel appreciated.
Sometimes the pace of leadership causes a leader to forget about the people that really make things happen.
If you’ve ever supported a church or organization, you know what it’s like to give and never receive any reward.
  • You work tirelessly, but never get told, “Thank you.”
  • You take vacation days to volunteer but never feel valued.
  • You put in overtime without being paid, but feel like no one notices.
  • You believe that your reward is awaiting you in heaven, but you could really use some encouragement now.
You need to be told thank you.
You need to feel valued.
You need to feel appreciated.
No matter what you lead, be sure to thank those that really make things happen.
You couldn’t do it without them.

One Comment

  1. I believe the encouragement has great power! Leaders should always have an encouraging and uplifting words to say to others. People only follow leaders who have their best interest in mind.

    Thank for the post!


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