The Process or the Product?

I have never been in the business world, but I do know that it is a result driven world.
Often, all that matters is that a particular product is making money.
We in the Church world often fail to assume this model.
The Church is often more concerned with the process than the product.
Programs often drive us more than the product.
We often seem to be more concerned with doing things a certain way than with doing certain things effectively.
  • We refuse to adopt new methods and procedures.
  • We refuse to abandon outdated strategies and curriculum.
  • We refuse to relinquish man-made traditions and control.
We often forget that when fighting for souls, we must be willing to stop at nothing short of sin to reach the lost.
God has given us the unique and amazing calling to play a part in His Kingdom.
Jesus called us to be fishers of men.
Jesus never told us that we must fish in only a certain spot, fish at only certain times, use only certain methods, and use only certain strategies.
Jesus just called us to fish.
If we’re going to be effective, we have to quit arguing over the process and begin owning Christ’s promise!
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