What Goes On Behind the Curtain?

Anytime I go to see any type of production, I can’t help but wonder…
What goes on when the curtain’s down?
  • Are the performers getting in a little last minute practice?
  • Are they nervous about the performance?
  • Are they putting in some final preparation?
As I was reading Exodus 2:1-10 a few days ago, I couldn’t help but think about the way that God was working behind the scenes from the very beginning of Moses’ life.
While Moses’ mother thought that putting him in the basket was an act of desperation, God turned it into an act of faith.
When Pharaoh’s daughter rescued Moses from the Nile, she thought it was a kind act. God used it as a part of His plan.
When Pharaoh’s daughter asked Moses’ Mother to nurse the baby, she thought she was just meeting the baby’s needs. God used it as a way to bless Moses’ mother beyond her wildest dreams.
No matter what situation you’re in today, God is working behind the scenes.
The solution may not be what you want it to be, but neither was Moses’…
It was much better.
Trust that God’s working in your situation.
Praise Him while you’re in the trial.
God is still working, even when the curtain drops!

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  1. Great post Jonathan, God really does work in our lives in a mysterious effective way. I used to think his ways were peculiar until I decided it was my outlook that was lacking. A tribe of Indians, I cannot recall which one, described him as a “Right on time God.”


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