4 Lessons From 5 Loaves

One of the things that I really enjoy about the Bible is the way I can read a story that I’ve read a hundred times and get a fresh perspective each time.
Over the weekend, I was reading Matthew 14:13-21 and had these thoughts about my life and ministry…
1. People should never leave our church/our lives hungry for the Gospel.
It’s our job to be sure that they have what they need when they leave.
We can’t send people away wanting truth when they’ve just sat through our service or witnessed our life.
2. Commit what you do to Christ and you’ll never run out.
No matter what you’ve got, or what you’re doing, commit it to Christ and He will use it.
You won’t run short.
You won’t have to scrum to find more.
Christ always takes what we sacrificially give and makes it more than enough.
3. Reaching people requires action, hard work, and taking risk.
The disciples really had no clue how much food they had when they started giving it out.
The disciples did, however, obey Christ with action in faith that there would be enough food to go around.
No matter what your calling is, you must act in order for it to be accomplished.
Never use prayer as an excuse for inactivity.
4. Do your part in faith and leave the results up to God.
Ultimately, you can’t work hard enough to make something successful.
No matter how hard you try, you’ll never accomplish anything if you depend exclusively on yourself.
There comes a time in everything when you just have to simply trust God.
What area and in what ways can you apply these to your life today?

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