6 Suggestions to Help You Leverage Social Media

Since I dove head first into social media several months ago, I’ve become a believer.
Social media has the ability to allow us to reach further than we ever have been able to.
Social media allows us to form relationships, live our lives, and impact people that we would never be able to any other way.
Social media also has the ability to cause us a world of trouble.
If not handled right, social media has the ability to not only hurt the Body of Christ, but also our own individual ministries.
With a single tweet or a single status update, we can radically change people’s perception of us.
Social media has the ability to extend our ministry or extinguish it…we must choose our words carefully.

Here are several things I keep in mind before I post things on Twitter, Facebook, or this Blog…
1. I must choose my words carefully.
2. Others may not know my personality.
I’m a pretty sarcastic person. However, the people reading my updates may not know that I am. I try to ask myself: Is this something people that don’t understand me may see as offensive?
3. Others can’t see my facial expressions.
I heard a while back that about 85% of what we say is from our body language. With social media, 0% is. I try to be careful that I say 100% of what I need to with words.
4. Clarity is key.
No need to beat around the bush or use confusing words or phrases. Be as clear as possible. As much as we are misunderstood in our every day lives, it’s even easier in the world of social media.
5. Don’t air dirty laundry.
While it’s important to paint an honest picture, some things are better left in your head or with your spouse. Twitter isn’t the place for it.
6. Use it as ministry.
As Christians, our calling is to reach the world. Being a Christ follower isn’t something we can turn on and off. If you have it, you have to display it, no matter the venue.
What other tips do you have for those of us that are trying to make a real difference with social media?

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