Baseball, Billiards, & Bocce Ball (Or Something Like That)

In case you’ve been in a hole somewhere, the Winter Olympics are going on right now.
I have to admit, I kinda like having sports available to me 24/7, so I like the Olympics.
A few days ago, I was watching the Olympics and saw a sport called “Mass Start.”
It appears as if someone at some point in time decided that instead of inventing a new sport, they’d just combine two that had been semi-successful in the past.
Thus, Mass Start was born.
It’s a sport in which a couple of dozen skiers take off from a stand still with guns attached to their backs.
Every 5 minutes or so, they stop and shoot at some targets before they move on with their skiing.
Now, it sounds kinda boring, but if you haven’t seen it, it’s actually pretty entertaining.
Any way, it got me to thinking…
What other sports could we combine to form one entertaining sport?
Be creative!
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