You Can’t Deny It: A Message for Leaders

Something I’ve observed from leaders…
Leaders are great at denial.
A lot of leaders are great at convincing themselves that everything is OK regardless of reality.
They sometimes see the need for more or see the need for better, but are too good at reasoning themselves into thinking that everything is OK.
I think the reason we tend to do this is because our pride can often keep us from admitting that we’ve got work to do.
What I know:
As long as I am convincing myself that everything’s OK, it’s not going to change.
As long as leaders are convincing themselves that their organization is in good shape, it will never become a reality.
We have to face the facts.
  • There is need for improvement.
  • There is need for more.
  • There is need for reorganization.
  • There is need to feel pressure.
  • There is need for a healthy discontent within the leader.
Denial is more than just a river in Egypt, it can be a leader’s greatest weakness.

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