4 Reasons Christianity Isn’t A Race

Our Christian walk isn’t a race, it’s a journey.

When I first met my wife (Melissa), I wanted to know every thing about her.
I wanted to know her likes, her dislikes, her favorites, her goals, her dreams, everything.
The problem was that I couldn’t know it all at once.
I had to spend time with her, I had to hang out with her, I had to give her my attention, I had to build trust with her before I could know more about her.
It took time for me to get to know her.
In fact, I’m still learning.
Heck, I know people that have been married 40 years and are still learning every day.
Our relationship with Christ takes time.
The transformation process takes time.
We must be continually intentional about this journey called Christianity.
We must continually walk with Christ, talk with Christ, and grow with Christ.
We have to spend time getting to know him and spend time getting changed by Him.
It’s not an overnight process.
It does take time and transformation requires some failures.
We must realize this.
Treating our relationship with Christ like a race will lead to…
  1. Frustration (we aren’t moving fast enough)
  2. Disappointment (we will expect not to sin or fall)
  3. Religious Pride (it’ll become more about accomplishments than a relationship)
  4. Loss of Faith (frustrations will look like abandonment rather than growth opportunities)
Wherever you are in your walk with Christ, know that it’s not a race but a journey.
There will be disappointments and failures.
You don’t have to become perfect over night.
Let Christ lead you on the journey.

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