I’m Nothing

The more I live and the more I grow in my relationship with Christ, the more I realize God’s sufficiency and my deficiency.
I’m coming to the place in my life where, although I haven’t quite gotten to the point of practicing it perfectly, I’m beginning to realize that my life is not my own.
It’s easy for us to say that we believe that, but it’s much different when God begins to teach us that fact.
As long as you and I have life’s necessities of food, water, and breath, the rest is really not good for much.
I’m not saying that I’m ready to live on the streets for Jesus or anything, but I am saying that I’m beginning to realize that, if I had to, it would still be plenty fair.
It’s a spiritual journey to come to this place in my life.
I’m not there yet, but God is slowly teaching me that…
He has given us all so much more than we’ve ever earned or deserved.
I hope I’m getting closer every day to the point of being willing and ready to give it all back for Him and for His glory.
Are you?


  1. Jonathan

    Well said. About the time this began happening in me was about the time I started wrestling with reformed theology, since it hits this topic dead on the nose. After about a year and a half I finally gave in and ever since I have embraced reformed theology. It's almost like I couldn't help it.

  2. Sam

    I think this is one of those tests re: how much do I really believe in His grace, that it is all of His grace and none of my performance/ability. When I think of going that much further, of living with open hands and a ready heart in His light, I too often see my own glaring inability and obvious shortcomings, rather than casting my eyes toward the cross. Sort of like Peter when he steps out of the boat to walk toward Jesus; the waves can look awfully big. I am grateful that He is always so much bigger. I am grateful that He fills me where I am utterly empty, and that He empties me more and more of what I do not need to love Him more.
    Wonderful post, and in my life, well timed, too. Thank you for sharing this!

  3. Jonathan Pearson

    @Sam… You're exactly right. It's certainly a journey. We can only hope to empty ourselves a little more each day so we can be more and more like Him. Glad this spoke to you. Thanks for reading and sharing!


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