Respect, Like it or Not

I’m a pretty strong willed and opinionated person.
I don’t mind listening to others’ opinions, as long as they know that it’s wrong. :-)
However, I do try my best to respect other people.
I try to live by the Golden Rule of treating others the way I would want them treating me.
I try even harder to respect people in a position of authority or seniority.
I was always taught that there are some people that you never bad mouth or disrespect.
Some people hold offices, positions, or callings that deserve a level of high respect.
Not saying we always agree with them or take their side, but we should respect certain people regardless of differing views.
As I look around, I find very few people with the same attitude as I was taught.
In fact, I see quite the opposite.
It seems like the higher the position, the more people love disrespecting them.
As I watched the State of the Union Address Wednesday night and read comments from Twitter and Facebook, I was amazed that so many people could disrespect the most powerful man in the world.
Disagree with, sure, but blatant disrespect?
It’s not just the office of presidency, it’s a much larger landscape.
Adults don’t respect the president.
Adults disrespect their leaders.
Adults don’t respect their pastor.
Adults disrespect the law.
Children don’t respect their teachers.
Children disrespect their parents.
I’m not sure where the respect factor has gone.
It’s not being taught in homes today.
It’s not being modeled in homes today.
So, let’s try to reverse that a little today…
Who’s the one person you have the MOST respect for?

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  1. Karen

    I’m glad to hear I’m not the only one noticing this disturbing behavior. I deeply respect my elders especially my parents. I also was taught to listen attentively when they spoke. To this day, my father still always gets my attention & repect. He is probably the one I have the most respect for even though we sometimes disagree.


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