Your Worst Cup Of Coffee

I took some of my youth to a conference last weekend.
We ended up having a great time hanging out together, listening to some great bands, and hearing the Word of God spoken in a powerful way.
We stayed in some nice suites at the hotel complete with a bay window in each room.
We were living pretty large until the first morning when I went to the free breakfast they claimed they had.
I grabbed a muffin, a cup of coffee, and headed back to the room.
After eating my muffin, I was still pretty confident that the hotel was going to be a great experience.
I took my first sip of the coffee.
In two words, it tasted like… lake water.
In five words, it tasted like… 3 week old toilet water.
Some of the worst coffee I’ve ever drank in my life.
So, as it turns out the breakfast at the hotel was free, but the coffee was not because you had to go down the road to the Starbucks to get a good one.
So, my question…
Where did you get the worst cup of coffee you’ve ever tasted?

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