I @sk: Leadership Characteristics

A few days ago, I threw this question out on Twitter:

“What characteristics do most good leaders have in common?”
I got a lot of leadership nuggets from some good leaders.
So, I chose a few to share here.
They said it better than I ever could have…
@pamfidler The ability to listen to others and most importantly to
listen to and be obedient to the direction of God

@natewesterfield humility and compassion

@jeffholton they’re humble

@glyndiavera Visionary minded to advance the kingdom of God & glorify
him is one that comes to mind.

@savedsister7 infectious passion

@righteousgogetta Leaders have a plan. They have a desire to obtain and
keep authority w/o abusing

@bjhewitt be a good servant to begin with, be good followers

themselves, good listener, enthusiastic, energetic, love what you do

@wayneliew Able to get subordinates together and move them forward
towards the common goal as a team.

A wide range of responses, but the common element seems to be vision for the organization and love for others.
Now, it’s your turn…
What common characteristics do most good leaders have in common?

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