Stop Being A Victim

With Jesus, we are no longer victims, we are victors!

Life is full of situations.
Some of them we control.
Sometimes, we make bad decisions.
Sometimes, we put ourselves in bad situations.
Sometimes, we willfully become a victim.
Some of them are out of our control.
Sometimes, bad things happen to us.
Sometimes, we are forced into situations that we didn’t want to be in.
Sometimes, we fall victim to someone else’s wrong doing.
We are all victims of something.
With Christ, we are called to become victors.
Christ allows us to rise above being a victim and become a victor.
Christ followers should never live in bondage from a past circumstance.
Christ followers should live in the freedom that He brings.
Christ followers are victors.
Christ followers are more than conquerors.
No matter what has happened to you.
No matter what you’ve done.
Don’t live in the bondage of a victim.
Live in the victory of a Savior!

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