This Feels Good On My Booty

The chair cushion was a great idea.
Such a great idea, that somewhere along the line, they decided to make it a permanent fixture on most chairs.
I’m glad that the first person that experienced the chair cushion eventually got off of it.
I’m glad that the person who said, “Hey, this feels better on my booty than the metal seat,” decided to tell someone about the idea.
There are a lot of cushion hogs in the Church.
They’ve experienced the blessing of Christ.
They’ve experienced what it felt like to go from death to life.
They’ve sensed God’s call.
But they’ve been so comfortable with the experience, they’ve decided to just sit on it.
The problem is…
If you have the message, it forces you to get off of it and spread it around.
Eventually, you’re going to have to leave the comfort of your seat and spread the message that changed your life.
So, have you gotten comfortable and find your self just sitting on your message?
Do like the seat cushion dude, get off of it and go tell someone else!


  1. I really like this post. I started blogging in December last year and I wanted to start blogging long before then especially because the internet-blogs, twitter & random articles- contributed alot to my growth in Christ. But I was scared of what my friends and everyone in my life would think of me so I ‘sat on my message’ in order to remain among the cool kids.
    But when the Light of God has hit you,I don’t think you have any choice but to radiate and before I knew it, I was tweeting sermons and testimonies and to my surprise, alot of people listened. I no longer get ALL invites to the hottest parties in town but through me, one way or the other God ministers to the people around me and I really couldn’t ask for more.
    I know this is long, forgive me :)


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