Don’t Stop Believing

Now faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see. Hebrew 11:1

I’ve heard this verse all my life.
I’ve heard about how we are to live out our faith in our every day lives.
I’ve taught about how God is bigger than your biggest problem.
I’ve seen how God has brought people through tough times in the past.
I know God’s promise that He’ll never leave us for forsake us.
I believe that what God’s done in the past, He can do again.
I’ve witnessed a cancer patient receive the news that their cancer is gone.
I know that God loves His people.
I’ve come to realize, however, that hearing and believing are easier when they’re not required.
When you have no clue how you’re going to pay the bills.
When you sit up nightly waiting on your wayward teen to come in.
When you get the news that someone you love has only months to live.
When you feel like you’re the only person you know without a child.
When you are tired of getting constantly ask when you’re going to get married.
When what you’re facing seems larger than life.
It’s tough to trust sometimes.
It can be tough to put all of your confidence in something you can’t see.
There’s nothing that anyone can say.
There’s no scripture that you can read.
Sometimes, you just have to hope.
Sometimes, you just have to wait.
Sometimes, you just have to let God prove again that He can do it.
No matter what you’re facing…
Don’t stop believing!
(No, “Hold on to the feeling,” comments please :-)
What are you hanging on to God for today?
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