I’ve Got A Confession (& So Do You)

I have a confession to make…
I like…me.
Too much.
I want to feel included.
I want people to think I’m someone that I’m not.
I sometimes spend more time in the morning with how I look than I do with God.
I sometimes want recognition more than I want God to be recognized.
I sometimes use ministry as a personal platform.
I often pray selfish prayers.
I often pray little about others, and mostly about myself.
We all have something.
For some, it’s that you care more about having a big house than giving to others.
For some, it’s that you struggle not to look at porn.
For some, it’s that you can never seem to put the bottle down.
For some, it’s that your anger often gets the best of you.
For some, it’s that you’re never satisfied with what you have.
For some, it’s that you can’t seem to get enough juicy gossip.
For some, it’s that you struggle to hold your tongue.
For all of us, we struggle with sin.
I’m glad God’s not done with me.
I’m glad God’s not done with you.
I’m glad God never required me to be perfect.
I’m thankful.
I’m thankful for His grace.
I’m thankful for His love.
I’m thankful for His patience.
I’m thankful for His provision.
I’m thankful for His power.
I’m thankful for the journey.
I’m working.

I’m trying to become more of the person God has called me to be.
I’m trying to become more like my Father.
I’m working…
And God’s working on me.


  1. Another great blog!

    I confess that I sometimes criticize more than I compliment and I tend to hold onto anger longer than I should. I’m thankful for His mercy, grace and love shown to me even when I feel as though I don’t deserve it.

    I’m glad Christ’s not done with me.


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