Super Bowl Success

Like many of you, I was at home much of the day yesterday watching a little playoff football.

Anytime I watch teams lose in a single elimination type playoff system, I always think about the fact that everything is over for the team that loses.

For teams that lost yesterday, the season is done.
They’ll never get back all of the hours they spent trying to make this season a success.
Ultimately, all of the losing teams fell short of the goal… A Super Bowl Championship.

Now, each losing team has to wait til next year to start over and try for the same goal.

It’s a little like life.
We have one chance.
One life to live and count for something.
If we put all of the work in, yet still fall short of our goals, we’ve ultimately failed.

Unlike football, life has no theory of “wait til next year.”

Are you doing all you can to make sure you don’t fall short of your ultimate goal?

Are you going to find the end of your life only to realize you failed to make it count?

Just something to think about on your Monday…

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