The Dog Snuggie: Do What?

Ok, I understand.

Maybe the world was fine before humans had the “blanket with sleeves.”
But then came the Snuggie that made it easier to move your arms while you were staying under the blanket.
That seemed to serve some kind of purpose.
This one, though…
I’m not sure I’m buying what they’re selling or picking up what they’re putting down.
I mean, isn’t that the reason God gave dogs FUR?
They had the Snuggie before we ever knew that humans needed a Snuggie.
They have a Snuggie that’s permanently attached to their skin.
You can’t get anymore convenient than that!
Now, if you bought your dog one of these for Christmas, don’t hate me.
Instead, tell me…
Have you found a GOOD use for it?
How does your dog feel about wearing an over sized blanket around the yard?


  1. Jon I think you missed the point, sure nature gave dogs fur to keep them warm, but fur doesn’t come in bright blue and red colors and give people a funny Christmas gift for their pet-loving friends!


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