Leading in Circles

I’ve met lots of “leaders” in my life.
Some have deserved the title, others failed to live up to it.
Some have been put in leadership positions and are well meaning.
Some have been put in leadership positions and see it as a way of personal gain.
Some have the ability to discern vision, cast vision, and lead people toward a vision.
Some lack an ability to dream anything.
Some are so comfortable with where they are, having a vision for where they need to go is the furtherest thing from their mind.
Some have so many things they see as visions that they’re unsure of what to pursue.
It’s the last group that seems most frustrating.
They know that all is not right and that they need to push for progress, but they lack the ability and the effort to get everyone on the same page.
These leaders essentially lead in circles.
Since they have so many dreams, visions, and preferences in their head, they often move from one to the other without ever accomplishing any.
They begin on one path, get part of their organization behind it, and then abandon it for something more attractive.
The result is that those that look to them for leadership are left with an unclear idea of what success really is.
They see success in one direction for a time, and then have to turn another direction in order to go where the leader says they should.
People that follow leaders that lead in circles eventually get dizzy.
They grow so tired of changing directions and so frustrated with never accomplishing anything that they either quit trying or quit altogether.
Eventually they fail to see any kind of real goal.
Vision must be given by God.
Vision must be our heartbeat.
Vision must be clear.

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