There’s No I in Integrity

Growing up and playing sports, I became accustomed to a saying that says, “There’s no ‘I’ in Team.”

That’s a good point. After all, if there was an I in team, it would look something more like “tieam” and no one knows what that means.
However, when you look at the word “Integrity,” there are a couple of ‘I’s‘ in it.
That’s exactly what I want, I want to be a person of integrity.
Any good parent will teach their child that their word must mean something. We must do what we say and we must be honest in what we do. However, it seems like a lot of people have taken the ‘I’ out of “Integrity”. They have emptied themselves of integrity.
Whether you’re looking to be a leader, or a follower, you have to be a person of integrity. Without it, you will never have the trust of your followers or peers.
If you’re looking to lead, you must be trustworthy. If you fail to hold high standards of integrity, no one’s going to follow you. In fact, you don’t deserve to be followed.
If you’re looking to follow, you must have integrity. Your leaders need people that they can count on. You need peers that will trust you.
So, are you someone that acts honestly? Are you willing to break the rules if no one’s watching? Are you determined to keep your word?
Don’t let your mistakes take the I out of your “Integrity.”

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