Buy What You Sell

A common principle for leadership: If you wouldn’t buy it, don’t sell it.

In other words, if you aren’t that into the idea, don’t try to pull it off.
One of the great failures a minister/leader can make is to try to do something that they don’t have passion for doing. If you don’t believe in the product, don’t try to push others to do so.
Trying to lead something you don’t believe often leads to…
  • Less than excellent work (you aren’t going to give full effort).
  • Lack of support from others (people always know when you’re selling them a load of junk).
  • Loss of integrity (practice what you preach).
  • Frustration on your part.
  • Failure.
If you don’t believe in something that you are about to take on, don’t do it.
If you’re leading a ministry and you don’t believe it will be effective, don’t start it.
If you’re about to take a job selling something you know is a waste of money, don’t take it.
You have to be willing to buy what you’re trying to sell…

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