Do You See What I See?

It used to be that tacky Christmas decorations meant someone misspelled “Joy” with blue lights on their front porch’s banister.

However, it seems like every year I ride by more and more of these types of yards.

Kind of looks like the Christmas section at Big Lots exploded in their yard.
These days, people are willing to blow anything up, tie it down, stick it in their yard, shine a spotlight on it, and call it a Christmas decoration.
Now, I’m not knocking the inflatable snowman in your front yard that grandma gave to your children.
I’m not calling out your white wooden reindeer that you’ve made a family Christmas tradition.
I’m not even disproving of your organized Christmas wonderland on your front lawn.
I’m calling out your 8 inflatables, 8 Christmas tree shaped light sets, 20 strands of different colored blinking lights, and your 2 lighted nativity scenes.
Here are a few signs you’ve moved from cute to tacky this Christmas season…
  • Your power bill triples from Thanksgiving to New Year’s (or April for some :)
  • Your kids are scared to go outside.
  • Your neighbors complain about going to sleep at night because your “decorations” are too bright through their windows.
  • You have trouble getting from your car to the front door.
  • You’ve bought out the extension chord department at your local Wal-Mart.
Now, please don’t call me a Scrooge. I love the Christmas season…I just like to keep it classy! :-)
Who knows, I may have just helped some people out…

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