Above & Beyond

It’s Friday! The temptation on Friday is to just make it to the weekend. However, I want to challenge you to not just live for the weekend today, but go above and beyond.

3 ways to go above and beyond today…

Take time. Take time to put others before yourself. You really aren’t THAT busy. Take time to hold the door for the person behind you or let someone out in traffic. Take time to wish someone a good rest of the day after you check out. Take time.
Take notice. Take notice of opportunities to serve others today. Notice how other people struggle and determine how you can help.
Take criticism. The truth is, you don’t know it all. Take time today to ask those around you what you can do to become better at whatever you do. Ask around to see what others think you need to do to go above where you are today.
Make today one that you don’t just go through, but grow through!

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