That Little Extra

The difference between extraordinary and ordinary is the little extra. – Anonymous

This sounds great, but most people trade being extraordinary for ordinary because they refuse to do a little extra. Most people in today’s world will settle for average if it means that they get by with doing a little less.
I often find myself wanting to do just enough to get by.
The problem with this attitude…it’s not a Godly one.
God desires for us to do everything as if we’re doing it for Him. God doesn’t do anything ordinary, He is always extraordinary. God never does just enough to get by, He always does things with excellence, integrity, and thoughtfulness. God always has a plan to execute and always executes it with extraordinary precision.
It’s the little extra that separates the extraordinary from the ordinary. It’s the extra that separates those of us that are willing to give extra effort from those that are willing to just get by. In fact, it’s the extra that separate the average from the successful.
Do you give the extra?
Are you going to give the extra today?

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