A Chevy, A Woman, & A Battery

Wednesday, Melissa got in her car to drive home…
In the end, that’s all she did.
She turned the key in the ignition and heard nothing.
Her battery had run out of juice.
So, yesterday I make my way to her place of work to jump her car off and get a new battery.
Once I finally found the battery (I never claimed to be a mechanic), I jumped the car off and made my way to the auto parts store.
Turns out, a car isn’t much good when there’s no juice in the battery. Sure, her car has started thousands of times since she bought it in ’07, but it didn’t one day this week. The battery was out of juice.
You and I are just like Melissa’s Chevy.
Without juice in our batteries, we’re unable to do much more than take up space.
I think that’s what God had in mind when He gave this commandment.
It’s not about what day we open stores, sell alcohol, or even go to church. It’s about us putting the juice back in our batteries.
So, have you ran out of juice lately?
Maybe it’s time to grab the booster cables and jump it off!

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