Swallow Your Preferences

For the past month Ive been taking an Old Testament class as part of my requirements for seminary. As I’ve gone through some of the prophetic books and as I’ve thought about what I already know about the Old Testament, Ive noticed a trend…

God’s men often had to go against the preferences of the people in order to be obedient to God. To take it even a step further, the leaders of the old testament often had to put even their own preferences aside in order to be obedient to God.

Throughout the Old Testament, we see Israel at a cross roads. They had a choice and often made the wrong choice as a result. It always seems like God disciplines and restores His people through ways that weren’t popular.

When we’re at a cross roads, we have a choice…God or preferences. When we as leaders are at a cross roads, we have a choice…preferences of obedience to God..,unfortunately, they’re often not the same!

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