Don’t Be an Amos

Ok, the title was mostly to grab your attention. Amos was an alright guy, but the people he had to deal with weren’t. In fact, one of the biggest things Amos speaks to in the book is the people’s complacency.

The people of Amos’ time had gotten really good at going through the motions of their relationship with God.

Many of us are going through the motions of Christianity right now.

Sure, our church attendance may be spotless, but our heart is callossed. Our worship may be loud, but our life’s not being heard from. Our walk may even be consistant, but our life has become stale.

Complacency in the church and worship isn’t something new. It happened in Amos’ day, just like it does today. We have to wake up. We have to get the fire back that once drove us.

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