Routines Are Made to Be Broken

I’m a routine kind of person. I often find myself doing basically the same things each day at basically the same time. I even often go to the same places, the same day each week. I seem to work best when I have my time scheduled and set.
I’m comfortable living life in a routine. I think I function best when I’m organized and have a plan to accomplish my tasks and goals. However, when I maintain my usual routines for too long, it seems to diminish my creativity, functionality, and effectiveness. Sometimes, routines are meant to be broken.

It’s in the times of deviating from my regular routine that I find myself free to actually dream and grow. In fact, I’m in need of a routine breaker today. So, are you a routine person? Is your job becoming more stressful and your relationship with God becoming stale? It’s time to break the routine. After all, routines were meant to be broken.

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