Leadership Lessons From Football

Here are some leadership insights I had while watching football this weekend…

  • Great leadership often isn’t about knowledge, but passion.
  • We can overcome short comings with hard work.
  • Without the people working behind the scenes, success doesn’t happen.
  • You never win when you think you’re going to lose.
  • Negativity breeds negativity, but passion breeds success.
  • We can do lots of things decently, or we can do a few things well.
  • Stupid ideas become great ideas when they work.
  • It doesn’t matter how much talent you have when you refuse to give maximum effort.
  • If you never dream it, you will never achieve it.
  • There will always be second guessers. The only way to silence them is by ignoring them.
  • Some will always think they can do better. They never actually will because they’re too afraid to even try.

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