In God We Trust?

Do you really trust God?

No. I mean really trust God?
Trust is an essential element in any relationship. Any relationship must have trust as a contributing factor. Trust is one of those things that we often say we have but never truly know unitil it’s put to the test.
You never know if you trust a friend until it’s needed.
You never know if you can trust a co worker until you have to.
You never know if you can trust your children until there’s no other choice.
If we fail to trust in relationships, they often fade away.
It’s no different in our relatiionship with God. Without trust, our relationship with God is nothing more than another faulty religion. We’ll never be able to find out how much we trust Him until something happens in which we have no other choice. Often things in our life fall to where we have a choice whether to trust in God or trust in ourselves. It’s at this point we find out what we really believe.
Trust may be the hardest part about any relationship, but it’s also one of the most important.
What are you trusting in?

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