Thinkin on the Run

Here are some things that I’ve Twittered recently. If you don’t follow me on Twitter, follow me here.

  • We’ve exchanged tradition for our mission, church membership for salvation, and outward appearance for true transformation.
  • How much did we cost Jesus? His life. How much should Jesus cost us? Our life.
  • Trying to tell our message without backing it up with our lives is like trying to write a check without signing it. No one will take it.
  • We are fooling ourselves if we believe salvation comes through a prayer and church attendance. Jesus won’t save us without changing us!
  • I often find myself telling God how to use me to glorify Him. That’s just stupid! He knows how to work.
  • God truly has our heart when we can ask anything in His name and be happy with any result.
  • Eating at Golden Corral…Where skinny people get ripped off and fat people find a bargain!
  • Some people think church is a building that holds a weekly event. Christ didn’t die for a building, He died for you. Now be the Church!

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