Teens’ Biggest Problems

We all know the typical problems that are associated with teenagers. We all know about the real temptations that today’s teens face. These temptations are real and difficult.

While teens certainly face the temptations of drugs, sex, and alcohol, from my experience there’s a larger problem facing today’s teen…an identity problem.

This problem of identity is the catalyst to most of the issues teens face. This identity problem is real and epidemic among today’s youth.

The lack of a self identity often drives teens to give into the temptations that attack them. When they don’t know who they are, teenagers often seek identity in the things that mask themselves as identities. We all know that no one’s identity is found through acceptance, possessions, or a feeling, but they too often seem like attractive substitutes.

When our identity is in a solid source, we don’t seek to find it elsewhere. That’s why it’s vitally important that teenagers are given the solid option of Christ in which to find this identity. When our identity is in Christ, the other temptations don’t even appear attractive any longer.

So, we must teach and preach Christ to all ages. No one wants a watered down identity when they can have the real thing!


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  1. Charlotte

    Well, I do agree that many teens are facing identity problems and I know it is hard for them for I have experienced it as well. If they can’t solve this identity crisis they have then they will become at-risk youth which we parents don’t want to happen.


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