My Favorite 30 Minutes

Every Thursday for the last month I’ve spent 10:45-11:15 with these 3 7th graders (I’m in the red shirt :-). I’m not there to do much except for read a book with them and help them understand what they’re reading a little better. But, these 30 minutes of my week are quickly becoming some of my favorites. During these 30 minutes, I get a chance to talk to these kids about life, good times, rough times, hobbies, families, and whatever else may come up. In fact, these teens may not even know that I’m an area youth minister.

I hope though, that these teens enjoy hanging out with me as much as I enjoy hanging out with them. I also hope that they see the love of Christ inside me. Who knows, maybe 10 or 15 years from now they will look back at something that was said during our time together and make a good choice rather than a bad one.

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