2 Things I’m Working On

1. Patience….I stink at this. I’m not a patient person. I don’t like to wait in lines, I’m always in a hurry and I drive too fast. I don’t like to wait on God, so I often manipulate situations so that things will fall into place sooner. God’s been teaching me lately that sometimes, I’m going to have to wait. What He wants for my life will be done to glorify Him, so why should He do it on my schedule?!

2. Distractions….It’s no secret that I love sports. I watch sports virtually every day for a couple of hours. Now, I realize that sports and TV are great hobbies, until they begin to get in the way of what God is calling and asking me to do. I have to be willing to get away from distractions and seek Him. I have to be willing to put the remote down, the iPhone down, and seek His face. I can’t get by on 20 minutes in the morning…I must be constantly seeking and desperate for God.
We could all use a little work. God isn’t done with you no matter where you are in your walk with Him. Listen, and He’ll show you what you need to be working on.

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