3 Reasons We Give In

3 Reasons we give in to temptations:

1. Immediate Gratification
We want what we want, now. It’s the way our world works, and it’s the way we think. We’re often unwilling to wait on things we think we need, or we think would benefit us. This causes us to not be willing to obey God and heed His warnings.
2. Clouded Thinking
Many times, temptations disguise themselves as Godly things. We think we’re doing something that God wants us to or has blessed us with, but it’s not of Him. We have to know who He is. We have to be in tune to His Spirit to avoid clouded thinking.
3. Failed Realization of Blessings
The truth is, Christ has set us free. We no longer have to obey a set of rules in order to earn anything, we’re blessed with freedom. The problem comes when we fail to realize what God’s blessed us with and seek our own wants instead. God blesses us within the parameters of His infinite knowledge. Seeking to gain more and what we think is better, often leads us to give into temptation.
You can read about these 3 things here.

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