What Really Matters?

What really matters?

It’s an often asked questions, but it’s seldom answered right and backed up by action.
We can say that we believe Christ matters. We can say that we believe seeing people step over the line of faith is important, but it means NOTHING until we back it up with our actions.
It’s a problem when we say that Christ matters, but fail to respond to the claim with our actions. It not only makes us a hypocrite, but it often makes us convince ourselves that we’re doing the right thing. If we say it enough, we begin to believe it ourselves.
To be honest, I see few people that back up their claim with action. To be perfectly honest, I often don’t myself.
We can make excuses and say that we’re all sinners (which is true), but that doesn’t do a lost world a bit of good. If we really believe that Christ matters, we’ve got to become more like Him and less like a sinful human, and begin to live a life that says He matters.
So, what matters to you? What do your actions say?

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