This may be a little personal, but I wanted to share something that I wrote in my journal last week. I journal with my Blackberry, so I just copied and pasted what I wrote to here.

I think it’s something that can challenge you today just as it did me the day I wrote it. I’m not completely there yet, but this is my hope!
I wonder how many of us truly thirst for God. How many of us really hurt and ache for His presence in our lives? How many of us find ourselves constantly in anticipation of our reunion with Him?

We should be there. We should feel so out of place right now where we are. We should feel lonely and uncomfortable. This isn’t our home and we should ache for our real home. We should want more of Him so bad, that we’re willing to go to unimaginable measures to get it. We should be desperate!!

I want that kind of thirst for God! Not that I want to be in constant pain or depression from it, but I want to be desperate for God!!!!!!

“Please God, make me desperate…I don’t want to be a poser….I don’t want to be just good enough…I want all of you…make me thirsty!!!”

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