If My Dog Could Tweet

The other night Melissa and I were sitting on the couch looking at Twitter on my Blackberry. I started thinking, what if Copper had a Twitter account? His typical day might look something like this…

@copperpearson Ready 2 wake up. Wonder why these people are still asleep?
@copperpearson Just peed outside. Jonathan said I did a good job!
@copperpearson Just woke up from a 2 hour nap. Man, I needed that!
@copperpearson Just 8 some lunch. Tasted a lot like yesterday’s.
@copperpearson Just took a dump. Wonder why I don’t get a bowl filled with water like everyone else around here?!
@copperpearson I wish Jonathan and Melissa would come home from work! Miss those guys when they’re gone.
@copperpearson Just woke up from a nap.
@copperpearson Jonathan’s watching sports…again!
@copperpearson OMG! A treat!!!
@copperpearson Just 8 supper. Tasted familiar.
@copperpearson Just took another dump. Melissa’s cleaning it off the floor. lol!!
@copperpearson They say it’s bed time. G’Night peeps! Busy schedule tomorrow!
I really wonder what goes on inside that head!

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