Ability or Belief?

Is life about ability or belief?

We see it in the secular world all the time. We see companies that grow catastrophically seemingly over night, not because they suddenly had more ability, but because they believed they could do it. We see football and baseball players that become stars overnight, not because they’ve gotten that much more ability, but because they began to believe in themselves and in what the coaches were telling them.

What if the church and kingdom are the same way? What if God’s waiting to bless a church that doesn’t have anymore ability than the next, but believes they can be used by God? What if the key to your breakthrough isn’t really about ability, but belief?

Sure, we always have to be growing and getting better in any area. God certainly hasn’t called us to a life of using belief as an excuse for laziness. However, I shudder to think what would happen if we all really believed victory could happen in and through our lives.

I think God’s waiting to see people that really believe “it”. He’s waiting to see people that believe HE still changes lives and communities. He’s waiting to see people that believe they can make a difference, no matter their ability. He’s waiting to see that you really believe that He’s still capable of the impossible!

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